Set along the river foreshore of Vaikijaur and among the cool reserves of new and old growth forest, The Cryotherapy Spa promises guests a physical and spiritual awakening and a menu of signature treatments to revitalise body and soul. The secluded spa features treatment with deep icebathtubs, a waterfront massage tent, yoga and meditation on ice, cedar hot tubs, a siberian sauna tent and tranquil outdoor space for relaxing and drinking in the view. For the truly committed, miles of waterfront and forest skiing and snow running trails weave throughout the pristine landscape. View spa menu and book online.

Let the ice cold water hug you. Meditate with nature.

Forest bathing

Jokkmokk´s magnificent, oxygen-rich old and new growth forest is an ideal setting to mediate and explore the healing benefits of stillness. Daily guided meditation classes help to settle inwards, calm the busy mind and connect to the breath. Mindful time in nature, known as ‘forest bathing’, has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol, elevate the mood and even boost body’s immune response.

Vitamin injection

At Peace & quiet hotel, there’s an abundance of clean air and freedom, freely available in almost every activity, spa treatment and dining experience. Hiking, unplugging from technology, sleeping in nature and welcoming in the sounds of the river and forest, are all prescriptive for improved wellness. If you like to boost your immune system function with the latest pharmaco-nutritional research to keep COVID-19 at bay, connect with our ortho-molecular specialist.